About CF Cigars

The cigars shown are all the 50 ring gauge to give guests a moderate amount of flavor while also being wide enough to accommodate the cigar band designed specifically for your event.


The amount of cigars provided for your Palm Beach area cigar event will be decided upon by you as all of our quotes are "open ended" leaving you to decide on your quantity.

This allows Brides to-be, event planners and corporate decision makers to create their own quotes to fit their budgets. This is a far better and more precised approach than template pricing. This method of quoting allows clients the individual pricing they need.

The cigar server, custom cigar bands and cigars are all packaged together or separately so that you have the perfect fit of cigar features for your event. You don't have to know anything about cigars either, one of our event planners will handhold you through the process so that you have a good comfort level to make decisions about this unique cigar feature.

If you have a general question now you can call however if you'd like a quote and check for availability, submit the contact form so that we can get the date, location, guest count and type of event so that we can best consult with you to make your cigar rolling feature a successful one. We look forward to hearing from you,

*Models shown are our most popular, all sizes are available - we are the manufacturer.


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